Jesse Aragon is a Director of Photography  based in Los angeles and  San Diego. He is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles with experience on the Red Epic arri alexa and film format systems.  His credits include work in Commercials, Music Videos Documentaries, feature films as well as other projects. He also offers Equipment rentals in los angeles for Red epic cameras, hmi, lighting, grip, and camera accessories.  Director of Photography specializing in a variety of various projects and formats, experience with panavision, red, arri, panasonic, sony, and other format systems.  Experience in both film 35mm, 16mm, and digital capture mediums.

His work has been widely recognized and projects have won various awards in various film festivals as well as nominations for the work he has done.  Projects have aired on various formats including television, theatrical release and various other mediums.

Jesse Aragon grew up in San Diego california where he attended the university of San Diego focusing on Film Studies and Cinematography.  His work is influenced by many cinematographers both contemporary and classic.  His influences lead him to approach every project with a unique style in mind, always holding true to the script and the director’s vision.  Directors he admires include Andrei Tarkvosky and Stanley Kubrick and cameramen Conrad L. Hall as well as many others.  His approach is always from a story telling perspective, whether it be the composition or lighting style.  The images should speak for themselves.