My influences derive from visual arts, people, culture, experiences, travels, and the nuances of every day life.  I love capturing images that convey emotion, energy, and truthfulnes without the need for dialogue. I approach each project with an open mindset, finding something in the story which I can put part of myself within in order to bring it to life.  I love stories about people & basic human conditions that are universal and which we can all relate to regardless of timeframe, environment, and backgrounds.

I’ve photographed a variety of different projects ranging from feature films, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and television.


Voyage LA Interview


2023 ASC Vision Mentorship

Best Short Film Nomination  | “La Ramona” |  Ariel Awards, Mexico

Best Cinematography  | “Can You Take My Picture” |  Culver City Film Festival

Best Cinematography Nominee  | “Our Barrio” |  San Diego Film Awards

Best Cinematography | “Patitos Feos” | Bucharest Film Festival

Best Cinematography | ” Wild Faith” | Wild Bunch Film Festival

Best Cinematography | “Miniature” | New Jersey Horror Film Festival

Los Angeles | 619-869-5952